Divina Castiza - Philosophy

We make original accesories, illustrated and textil products, looking for originality, without losing sight trends, we try than our products are not temporary, with finishes of the highest quality possible, so that you can use all the seasons that you want, because we really like the slow fashion and the limited editions.

We focus on local production, seeing this way of life like return to the arts & crafts recovering the value of the pieces made by the hand of a crafty, to try to return to a local economy , against excessive industrialization , mechanization, mass production and globalization.
For all these reasons it is very important to us that always than we can these productions have the least possible environmental impact.

However, the details and originality are very important in our textile production, which is why we use fabrics that come from all over the world especially from Japan, USA, France, England and Portugal. Some others come from the closets of our mothers and some are gifts of the nice people, these are our beloved treasures of the 60s.

We respect ours own work and everybody's work, which is why in most of the illustrated product we use own photographs and drawings made with acrylic and other techniques later photographed and miniaturized so that it can wear on your neck , finger, lapel or wherever you want. Also make with designs from old books or technical illustrations,
We want to let you know when you purchase a product of Divina Castiza, you get something original, made with love and respect.


If you have any suggestions or questions please contact us at hola@divinacastiza.com

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